[New] Antonyms Words : सभी महत्वपूर्ण विलोम शब्द का संग्रह

Antonyms Words : Hello Friends आज हम लेकर आये हैं 1000+ Very Important Antonyms Words List जो आपके लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण हैं क्योंकि आजकल सभी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं जिसमें अंग्रेजी पूछी जाती है विलोम शब्द (Antonyms Words) जरूर पूछे जाते हैं जो आपके Marks में अच्छा खासा Score कर सकते हैं। नीचे आप दिये गये लिंक के माध्यम से PDF भी डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं। Antonyms Words मुख्य रूप से Indian Air Force, Navy, SSC व अन्य प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में पूछे जाते हैं।

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1. Rapidly- Slowly
2. Inevitable- Avoidable
3. Humble- Powerful
4. Dim- Luminous
5. Reckless- Careful
6. Explicit- Ambiguous
7. Incredible- Believable
8. Repel- Attract
9. Exceptional- Common
10. Meticulous- Careless
11. Barbarous- Civilized
12. Successor- Predecessor
13. Permanent- Temporary
14. Conclusive- Indecisive
15. Terminate-Begin
16. Niggardly- Lavishly
17. Urban- Rural
18. Enlightened- Ignorant
19. Moderate- Extreme
20. Superficial- Thorough
21. Scorn- Admiration
22. Trivial- Serious
23. Loquacious- Reserved
24. Confiscate- Release
25. Often- Rarely
26. Eminent- Notorious
27. Advanced- Receded
28. Diffidence- Boldness
29. Paucity- Plenty
30. Triggered- Choked
31. Fastidious- Adjustable
32. Grandiose- Simple
33. Embark upon- Conclude
34. Insolent- Humble
35. Lurid- Mild
36. Unscrupulous- Conscientious
37. Melodious- Tuneless
38. Contaminate- Purify
39. Frugal- Extravagant
40. Falling off- Improvement
41. Genial- Unkind
42. Shallow- Deep
43. Immune- Vulnerable
44. Veneration- Disrespect
45. Bleak- Bright
46. Concur- Disagree
47. Vague- Precise
48. Humility- Pride
49. Extol- Censure
50. Takes off- Lands
51. Demolish- Build
52. Prevent- Induce
53. Frailty- Strength
54. Collapse- Rise
55. Anxious- Carefree
56. Thrifty- Wasteful
57. Yield to- Resist
58. Enduring- Fleeting
59. Progressive- Retrogressive
60. Purposely- Unintentionally
61. Brave- Timid
62. Opaque- Transparent
63. Hinder- Encourage
64. Zeal- Apathy
65. Shimmering-Gloomy
66. Innovate- Copy
67. Flair- Inability
68. Dormant- Active
69. Hazy- Clear
70. Fantastic- Ordinary
71. Asceticism- Luxury
72. Dissolution- Establishment
73. Unnerved- Confident
74. Harmony- Disagreement
75. Guilty- Innocent
76. Plausible- Implausible/ Unbelievable
77. Jocular- Morose
78. Uncompromising- Flexible
79. Desecration- Consecration
80. Far-fetched- Realistic
81. Parallel- Crooked
82. Blocked- Facilitated
83 Turn coat- Loyal
84. Embellish- Spoil
85. Intentional- Accidental
86. Expand- Contract
87. Stimulate- Discourage
88. Perilous- Safe
89. Duplicity- Honesty
90. Quiet- Pandemonium
91. Genuine- Fictitious
92. Implicit- Explicit
93. Repulsive- Attractive
94. Escalate- Decrease
95. Commotion- Tranquility
96. Manifested- Concealed
97. Vindictive- Forgiving
98. Inaugurate- Terminate
99. Audacious- Timid
100. Commence- Conclude
101. Prosperity- Adversity
102. Deliberate- Unintentional
103. Disputable- Indisputable
104. Make- Break
105. Detest- Like
106. Ham-fisted- Adroit
107. Capture- Liberate
108. Misery- Joy
109. Anarchy- Order
110. Monotony- Variety
111. Latter- Former
112. Diligent- Lazy
113. Depressed- Elated
114. Ingest- Disgorge
115. Laceration- Healing
116. Disorderly- Organized
117. Glossy- Dull
118. Accomplish- Fail
119. Orderly- Chaotic
120. Strife- Peace
121. Antique- Recent
122. Rapid- Slow
123. Initiated- Concluded
124. Philistine- Cultured
125. Dynamic- Static
126. Hereditary- Acquired
127. Heretical- Orthodox
128. Implicate- Exonerate
129. Liberty- Slavery
130. Elevation- Reduction
131. Boon- Bane
132. Famous- Obscure
133. Gloomy- Radiant
134. Isolation- Association
135. Contented- Dissatisfied
136. Severe- Mild
137. Fatigued- Energised
138. Flexible- Rigid
139. Delete- Include
140. Evanescent- Eternal
141. Virtue- Vice
142. Confident- Diffident
143. Fatigued- Rigid
144. Callous- Sensitive
145. Procrastinate- Expedite
146. Probity- Dishonesty
147. Sporadic- Continual
148. Apposite- Inappropriate
149. Chivalry- Cowardice
150. Sanguine temper- Despairing nature
151. Imperil- Safeguard
152. Consolidated- Disjoined
153. Vituperative- Laudatory
154. Benefactor- Enemy
155. Barren- Fertile
156. Nervous- Composed
157. Evident- Hidden
158. Adamant- Yielding
159. Cessation- Commencement
160. Potent- Weak
161. Gregarious- Unsociable
162. Implication- Exoneration
163. Dismal- Bright
164. Meagre- Surplus
165. Flamboyant- Not showy
166. Chronic- Temporary
167. Awkward- Graceful
168. Despair- Hope
169. Validate- Disprove
170. Smug- Dissatisfied
171. Vicious- Virtuous
172. Obscure- Clear
173. Enervate- Strengthen
174. Autonomous- Dependent
175. Exonerate- Convict
176. Professional- Amateur
177. Accord- Disagreement
178. Feasible- Impractical
179. Acquit- Condemn
180. Affluence- Poverty
181. Harmonious- Discordant
182. Factual- Unrealistic
183. Assent- Disagreement
184. Discreet- Careless in behavior
185. Unjust- Fair-minded
186. Oppressive- Gentle
187. Clinch- Lose
188. To put up with- To dislike
189. Deceitful- Honest
190. Exaggerate- Understate
191. Synthetic- Natural
192. Infirmity- Strength
193. Deny- Accept
194. Benediction- Curse
195. Forbid- Permit
196. Controversial- Indisputable
197. Abandon- Retain
198. Fickle- Constant
199. Articulate- Unable to express oneself.
200. Inconspicuous- Prominent
Cold- Hot
Live- Die
Lead- follow
employ- dismiss
Dry- wet
Long- Short
Land- water
liberty- slavery
Love- Hate
Like- Dislike
Bow- stern
think- guess
Question- Answer
Gay- Grave
Stationary- moving
work- rest
Asleep- Awake
Rejoice- Mourn
Dynamic- static
worker- drone
Front- Back
Pleasant- Disagreeable
centrifugal- centripetal
familiar- strange
Joy- Sorrow
Success- Failure
oriental- occidental
freedom- captivity
Begin- Cease
Harmony- Discord
miser- spendthrift
barren- fruitful
Find- Lose
Blessing- Curse
sober- intoxicated
sacred- profane
Friend- Enemy
Generous- Mean
spacious- limited
virtue- vice
Dead- Alive
Velour- Cowardice
future- past
wisdom- folly
Busy- Idle
Bravery- Cowardice
abundance- scarcity
polite- rude
Sweet- Sour
Advance- Retreat
common- rare
proper- common
Bright- dull
Arrive- Depart
simply- complex
Attack- Defend
Before- After
ally- enemy
bashful- bold
Start- Finish
Appear- Vanish
teach- learn
inhale- exhale
Ugly- beautiful
Everywhere- Nowhere
natural- artificial
expand- contract
Near- far
Earth- Sea
polite- saucy
victor- vanquished
Kind- cruel
Hill- Valley
summit- base
antecedent- consequent
Mountain- Plain
apex- base
eager- reluctant
Ever- never
Right- Left
cloudy- clear
order- chaos
Bless- curse
Public- Private
dawn- duck
certain- doubt
Adult- child
Acute- Obtuse
ascend- descend
venial- unpardonable
North- south
Lazy- Industrious
vacant- occupied
rigid- flexible
Absent- present
Master- Servant
hope- despair
novice- veteran
Poor- rich
Arrive- Depart
interior- exterior
industry- sloth
Right- wrong
Remember- Forget
permanent- temporary
accelerate- retard
Win- lose
Appoint- Dismiss
obey- command
benevolent- malevolent
Peace- war
Knowledge- Ignorance
negative- positive
compulsory- voluntary
Rough- smooth
Placid- ruddy
conceal- reveal
analysis- synthesis
Coarse- fine
Raw- cooked
hide- show
surplus- deficit
Top- bottom
Help- hinder
singular- plural
prosperous- indigent
Buy- sell
Accept- refuse
foreign- native
consent- dissent
Life- death
Robust- feeble
smile- frown
include- exclude
Proud- humble
Good- bad
multiply- divide
transverse- longitudinal
Easy- difficult
Big- small
wax- wane
attract- distract
Cheap- dear
Clever- stupid
prosperity- adversity
amateur- professional
Inside- outside
Here- there
victory- defeat
confine- release
Give- take
first- last
superior- inferior
orthodox- heterodox
Hit- miss
early- late
level- steep
pure- adulterated
Wide- narrow
fat- thin
liquid- solid
lovely- repulsive
Loud- soft
join- separate
pardon- punish
graceful- hideous
Clean- dirty
light- dark
complainant- defendant
pugnacious- peaceful
Weep- laugh
Day- night
debtor- creditor
hostile- friendly
Collect- disperse
Many- few
rural- urban
gentile- Jew
Youth- age
All- none
emigrant- immigrant
monotony- variety
Modern- ancient
often- seldom
optimist- pessimist
survive- succumb
Former- latter
fresh- stale
sincere- insincere
prospective- retrospective
Least- greatest
straight- crooked
numerous- sparse
premature- overdue
Slender- stout
Weak- strong
transparent- opaque
caution- recklessness
East- west
Deep- shallow
pedestrian- passenger
force- compel
High- low
Open- close
powerful- feeble
colleague- antagonist
Upper- lower
Black- white
guilty- innocent
prudence- indiscretion
Higher- lower
praise- blame
heaven- hell
motionless- agitated
Better- worse
This- that
heroic- base
accurate- inaccurate
Entrance- exit
These- those
ancestor- progeny
Indigenous- Exotic
Active- passive
Morning- evening
assemble- disperse
Apprehend- Release
Noise- silence
Summer- winter
condemn- exonerate
Gaiety- Melancholy
Quiet- noisy
Young- old
slim- stout
Solitary- Populous
Inner- outer
Giant- dwarf
minimum- maximum
Sparse- Populated
Lend borrow
Wild- tam
arrival- departure
Predecessor- Successor
Go- come
Gain- loss
reward- punishment
Confusion- Orderliness
Hard- soft
Happy- sad
economy- extravagance
Pleasure- Pain
Old- new
Daily- nightly
increase- decrease
Convict- Acquit
Junior- senior
Health- sickness
majority- minority
Engage- Dismissआ

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